In 2023, we live in a time where many of us could not imagine a world without media. The entire social media system has become so ingrained in our lives that there are moments when we think it has existed forever.

This is mainly because the technology behind social media continues to make it relevant to the present times. You can say that as an industry, the technology running social media’s ecosystem is future-ready.

This article will look at five emerging technologies that are changing the social media landscape in 2023. However, before we do, let us first examine the two-way dependence of social media and technology.

1. Social Media and Technological Advancements- What is the Relationship?

For a very long time, it was considered that the media industry is at the forefront of the technological revolution. Television, entertainment, etc. were touted to drive and innovation.

However, all of it changed when social media burst on to the scene. The increased competition between platforms, the drive to create a different kind of a forum, and the promise of proving the best customer experience have pushed social media companies towards the latest technologies.

Whenever we talk about social media, we make the mistake of thinking only about the companies per se- Facebook, Twitter, Google (YouTube), Microsoft (LinkedIn), etc. What we fail to realize is the presence of thousands of companies manufacturing tools and software around this.

For example, we refer to all the CRM software, SMM management tools, and platforms, which convert YouTube to MP3. You would not be wrong in thinking that the support tech system is worth hundreds of billions.

The person needs to understand that Facebook and Google are not only pushing the envelope of technology. We also need to give due credit to these smaller and highly innovative startups, which have come up in the same ecosystem.

2. List of 5 Emerging Technologies changing the Social Media Landscape in 2023

a) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML continue to lead the way of improving user experience on social platforms. You can say that the most significant investments, which are being made by social media companies, are being done in this field.

AI and ML are being used to identify user browsing trends, suggest content they would like, arranging the same methodologically. Another important revenue-generating area where AI and ML are making their presence felt is advertisements and paid social promotions.

b) Internet Network Technology 5G and Wi-Fi 6

Many experts believe that the advent of newer connectivity technology is being pushed because of social media penetration. Most network communications companies in different parts of the world are seeking investments from social media platforms.

If you have been following the news, Facebook made a sizable investment in Indian Telecom Company, Reliance Jio. Jio has revolutionized the telecom ecosystem of India, with dirt low data prices. Facebook’s assets are being seen by many as a strategic one.

c) Video Technologies on Social Media

When it comes to the spread and reach of content on social media, we all know-how videos, exceptionally long format ones, have the highest space and exposure. This has led to many advancements in video technologies, led by the leader- YouTube.

There remains no uncertainty that YouTube is one of Google’s biggest money-earning platforms. However, it has also led to the creation of a parallel universe around videos. People are using Chrome Youtube Downloader to download and edit YouTube videos and use them for learning, income, and development.

d) Smartphone Technology and Development

There is no doubt that smartphones have contributed significantly to the spread and use of social media pages. Smartphone manufacturers and network communication companies have accelerated social media growth in different parts of the world.

That remains correct for countries like India and many in Africa, where Chinse smartphone manufacturers are leading the race and market share. Brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, One Plus, and others have places a smartphone in every individual’s hands in the developing world.

d) Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Even though VR and AR came around the same time as AI and ML, they have seen fewer actions. Still, we do instantly at a point where social media is influencing consumer purchases. That stands remarkably accurate in the area of fashion.

Many social media companies are now experimenting with their eCommerce models. Facebook has stores, and Instagram is aggressively changing itself and adding the new shop feature. This is where the push for AR and VR will come from in the next few years.

3. The Final Word

If we require to know social media and technology, we also need to pay attention to the extended ecosystem of the same. If you’re going to look at the same in isolation, you will not see how different ecosystems power each other and play the supply-demand games. As our lives continue to become dominated by technologies, who knows where social media will take us in the coming future.